Oxygen-free EC-AFM experiments with Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204

In this application note we describe how to carry out electrochemical AFM experiments in oxygen-free aqueous solutions employing FlexAFM and Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204 from Nanosurf

Ambient oxygen is known to readily dissolve in aqueous solutions and produce a reduction wave that interferes with many electrode reactions. Therefore, it is common to employ oxygen-free solutions for electrochemical experiments. In electrochemical SPM experiments, the deoxygenation represents a major technical challenge, and the studies are often limited to reactions which are not or only slightly affected by the presence of oxygen in solution.

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Steady-state cyclic voltammograms of glassy carbon electrode mounted in Electrochemistry Stage ECS 204 as measured in 0.1 M NaOH (red) in open cell with as-prepared solution and (black) in deoxygenated solution.

Nanosurf application note AN00952

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