Dynamic mode AFM on pentacene film on TiO2

Organic semiconductors obtained a lot of interest during the last years, due to their suitability for organic thin film transistor (OTFT) displays.

During the last decade the speed of such displays, could be increased by more than a factor of 10000. This was achieved by increasing the mobility of electrons in these films.

So far, pentacene seems to be the most promising material for OTFT displays. Not only the material quality influenced the speed of the displays, but also the quality and smoothness of the organic film. Therefore a control on the quality and flatness of such films is of great interest.

AFM showed to be a valuable tool for the inspection of such films. The shown AFM image was measured with the MobileS high resolution operated in dynamic mode.

7.7µm x 7.7µm scan range; 55nm z-range

Scan size: 80 µm x 80 µm
Potential range: 200 mV

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