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Nanosurf was founded in 1997 in Liestal, Switzerland, and has since become one of the most highly trusted atomic force microscopy brands in existence. We continue to develop and manufacture our AFMs in our headquarters in the mountainous outskirts of Liestal, the small town of our founding in the north-west of Switzerland. Over the last two decades we have grown into a global company with direct sales, service and support operations in China, Germany, India, Singapore, the UK and US. At Nanosurf we have, since our inception, focused on designing and manufacturing modular, high-quality, and easy-to-use AFMs with unparalleled price to value ratio.

Several awards have been presented to Nanosurf over our history, among them the SME Enterprise Award for Northern Switzerland, and the Swiss Technology Award.

In December 2020, Nanosurf launched the DriveAFM platform, drawing a lot of attention from scientists in the high-end of the nanoscience research community. Within a few months, the DriveAFM had established itself as the new go-to choice of AFM for many of our customers. The Drive-platform continues to be the focus of Nanosurf’s development efforts in 2022, and will grow in functionality as well as performance over the years to come.

 Market leader

Nanosurf is global market leader for:

AFM-based single-cell and nanomanipulation tools
AFM and STM devices for nanoeducation
Compact and mountable AFM systems
Custom-built AFM systems

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