Meet Nanosurf's AFM Experts

Nanosurf is the worldwide knowledge leader among companies focused on designing atomic force microscopes, with an average of more than 15 years of AFM experience in the development, applications, service, and sales teams. Our goal is to make AFM work at its best, for your individual requirements.

Technical Sales and Support

All our sales representatives have extensive experience in atomic force microscopy, many with PhDs in related fields, and are able to discuss your applications and instrument requirements at eye-level with you. Together we will find the right AFM for your needs, or develop an individual, customized system, specially for you.

Dr. Alejandro Bonilla
Regional Sales Manager and Support Scientist

PhD in Engineering. Research on single molecule SPM and nanomechanics. Developed successful products in leading AFM company. Enabled hundreds of groups around the globe to apply AFM methods to solve their R/D and industrial needs.

Liu Feng
General Manager, China

Metrology specialist with micro-nano surface measurement experience in AFM and other cutting-edge technology since 2003.

Dr. Rached Jaafar
Regional Sales Manager - India, Middle East & Africa

STM and UHV specialist. Worked on ferromagnetic materials, semiconductors, molecules and graphene on metallic surfaces.

Patrick Lang
Application & Sales Scientist

Biologist by education; worked on cell mechanics and AFM-based imaging and spectrosocpy for more than 5 years before joining Nanosurf in 2011.

Junhui Liu
Technical Sales and Support Engineer, China

Chemist with technical AFM, application support, and sales experience since 2012.

Dr. Urs Matter
CEO, Head of Sales

Physicist by education with PhD on semiconductor lasers. Learned about AFM applications in material and life sciences at Nanosurf.

David Morgan
Technical Sales Manager - UK, Ireland & Scandinavia

A Chemist with a specialism in SPM, electrochemistry and nanoelectronics. Worked on SECM development and has experience with complimentary techniques such as optical profilometry, nanoindentation and electron microscopy.

Dr. Edward Nelson
Technical Sales and Support Scientist

Experimental nano-biophysicist who started using AFM as a postdoctoral fellow to study single-molecule translocations through synthetic nanopores.

Drew Griffin
Sales Director, USA

Salesperson with over 8 years' experience in scientific instrumentation sales and over 14 years of experience working with AFMs. Prior to joining Nanosurf, he was the Technical Sales Manager for Asylum Research responsible for Northern USA sales.

Dr. Marco Portalupi
Sales Manager Europe

Physicist by education with PhD on magnetic thin films. Learnt using AFM at Nanosurf, as well ad applications in material and life sciences.

Dr. Marcus Weth
General Manager, EU

Physicist by education with a PhD on powder analysis using AFM. Working in sales and application in AFM and related technolgies since 2002.

Applications, Service and Support

Our application scientists are expert AFM users with many years of experience imaging all kinds of samples with Nanosurf AFMs. They will support you with your application, help you troubleshoot, and provide training to new users.

Dr. Christian Bippes
Application and service scientist

Biochemist by education. PhD and postdoc on high-resolution AFM and single molecule force spectroscopy in the group of Prof. Daniel Müller before joining Nanosurf in 2013.

Dr. Sujit Dora
Technical sales and support

Physicist by education with a PhD in electrochemical AFM/STM in Prof. Olaf Magnussen's group. Has been working in the field of AFM since 2003.

Dr. Patrick Frederix
Application and service scientist

Physist by education with a PhD on fluorescence microscopy. Learnt AFM in the group of Prof. Andreas Engel, and gathered experience in high-resolution imaging, single molecule spectroscopy and combined AFM-SECM before joining Nanosurf in 2010.

Dr. Henrik Peisker
Application and service scientist

Biologist by education who worked on cell mechanics and AFM-based imaging and spectrosocpy for more than 7 years before joining Nanosurf in 2016.

Dr. Roland Sachser
Application and service scientist

Physicist by education with expertise in nanostructuring, electrical transport measurements and using AFM for imaging of nanostructures.

Dr. Denis Vasyukov
Application and service scientist

Physicist, PhD in low temperature magneto-optical transport. Postdoc in development of magnetic SPM sensors (nano-SQUIDs) and scanning magnetic imaging. Expert in scanning microwave microscopy (SMM).


Our physicists and engineers are constantly working on improving our instrument portfolio, and developing new AFM scan heads, stages, and accessories to better fulfil your requirements.

Dr. Jonathan Adams
Head of Technology

Physicist, PhD in microfluidic cell separation. Started working with AFM during graduate studies. Postdoc in development of high-speed AFM cantilevers and instrumentation.

Dr. Beat Bräm
Senior System Development Engineer

Physicist, Master thesis on STM lithography on Si. PhD using a Millikelvin-AFM to investigate electronic properties of semiconductor nanostructures.

Dominik Brändlin
Senior Electrical Engineer / Deputy CTO

Electrical engineer, co-founder of Nanosurf and member of the board. Has been developing AFM control electronics and software since the very beginnings of STM and AFM, in the group of Prof. H.-J. Güntherodt in Basel.

Dr. Lukas Howald
Chairman of the board

Physicist, PhD on UHV AFM on ionic crystals (group of Prof. H.-J. Güntherodt, Basel), senior developer, and co-founder of Nanosurf.

Dr. Philipp Kobel
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineer with PhD in robotics and production systems, with more than 10 years of experience in semiconductor stage design.

Dr. Andreas Lieb
Senior Development Engineer

Physicist, PhD in low temperature NSOM and confocal microscopy instrumentation. Postdoc in development of single molecule imaging instrumentation. Joined Nanosurf in 2012. Responsible for customized solutions.

Dr. Björn Pietzak
Head of Industrial Solutions

Physicist by education with PhD on endohedral fullerenes. Currently in charge for customizing solutions.

Clemens Scherrer
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineer with extensive hands-on experience in the design of experiments and thermomechanical simulations. Joined Nanosurf's customizing team in 2019.

Dr. Pieter Van Schendel
Senior Development Engineer

Electrical Engineer with PhD in Solid State Physics. Developed AFM control software with several AFM systems and programming languages. Co-author of papers on Quantitative Magnetic Force Microscopy and non-contact atomic resolution force spectroscpy.

Dr. Marcel Winhold
Senior Project Manager

Physicist, PhD in 3D direct-writing of nanosensors as electrical readout for ultra-small self-sensing cantilevers for high-speed AFM applications. Currently focused on customized industrial solution projects.

Dr. Dominik Ziegler
Chief Technology Officer

Engineer with a PhD in nanotechnology, and close to 20 years experience developing various AFM-related solutions.