Executive management

Dr. Urs Matter, CEO

Dr. Urs Matter

CEO / Head of Sales

Physicist with 20+ years of management experience
(Siemens, Comet, HyTech, Nanosurf)


Dr. Björn Pietzak, Head of Industrial Solutions

Dr. Björn Pietzak

Head of Industrial Solutions

Physicist with 10+ years of AFM and sales experience


Dr. Dominik Ziegler, Head of Development

Dr. Dominik Ziegler


Full-blooded scientist with a PhD in Nanotechnology and close to 20 years experience in R&D


Dr. Lydia Feller, Head of Supply Chain

Dr. Lydia Feller

Head of Supply Chain

Material Scientist with 5+ years of Supply Chain Management experience
(ABB, Nobel Biocare, Nanosurf)