Executive management

Dr. Urs Matter, CEO

Dr. Urs Matter


Physicist with 20+ years of management experience
(Siemens, Comet, HyTech, Nanosurf)


Dr. James Berwick

Dr. James Berwick

Head of Sales, Marketing & Service

Biophysicist with 8 years of AFM experience in industrial research
(Commercial roles across Syngenta & Clariant)


Dr. Dominik Ziegler, Head of Development

Dr. Dominik Ziegler


Full-blooded scientist with a PhD in Nanotechnology and close to 20 years of R&D experience


Dr. Björn Pietzak, Head of Industrial Solutions

Dr. Björn Pietzak

Head of Industrial Solutions

Physicist with 10+ years of AFM and sales experience


Mathias Gerardot, Head of Supply Chain

Mathias Gerardot

Head of Supply Chain

Industrial engineer with 14 years of experience in Industrialization, Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain development
(General Electric, Alstom)

The Executive Management team in front of the Nanosurf headquartes on the outskirts of Liestal, Switzerland.
Photo taken on March 28th, 2022.