Determination of dopant density in Infineon SCM calibration sample by SMM

This application note follows up on a previous note about Scanning Microwave Microscopy measurements of a capacitance standard sample.

 It focuses on using SMM to study a silicon SCM calibration sample from Infineon, containing both n and p-type dopants across a range of densities. The note details the use of two SMM modes: the S11 measurement and the dS/dV measurement. The S11 measurement is suitable for flat samples and is used for dopant density and dielectric constant measurements, while the dS/dV measurement, less affected by topography, provides information about dopant types through phase change. 


Learning objectives:


  1. Understanding SMM's Application in Dopant Density Determination: Learn how SMM is used to study dopant densities in semiconductor samples, focusing on the capabilities of the S11 and dS/dV measurement modes.

  2. Exploring SMM Measurement Modes: Gain insights into the S11 measurement for dopant density and dielectric constant assessment, and the dS/dV measurement for identifying dopant types.

  3. Analyzing Semiconductor Samples with SMM: Understand the process of characterizing semiconductor samples using SMM, including the calibration procedure and interpretation of measurement data.

  4. Comparing SMM with Other Techniques: Recognize the advantages of SMM over other methods like Scanning Spreading Resistance Microscopy and Scanning Capacitance Microscopy in semiconductor analysis.

  5. Applying SMM in Semiconductor Research: Learn about the practical applications of SMM in semiconductor research, particularly in studying samples with varying dopant types and densities.