ECS 204 electrochemical stage

In situ electrochemical AFM studies

The ECS 204 allows scientists to perform simultaneous AFM imaging and electrochemical measurements (EC-AFM) on electrodes and samples immersed in electrolyte solutions.

Main features

  • Inert liquid cell embedded in solid steel frame
  • Small protected compartment for oxygen-free atmosphere above the solution
  • Integrated micrometer stage for lateral positioning (2 mm range)
  • Employs thin metal wire or true reference electrode (Ø 2 mm × 65 mm)
  • Mounting of flat samples or rod-type electrodes
  • Liquid flow-through for solution filling and exchange
  • Can be mounted on the Nanosurf Isostage for vibration isolation
  • Size: 204 × 204 × 118 mm
  • Weight: approx. 6 kg
Electrochemical AFM stage

Required additional components

  • FlexAFM scan head with protective membrane and the C3000 controller
  • Corrosion-resistant cantilever holders for imaging in liquid or in air
  • Nanosurf Isostage for active vibration isolation
  • FlexAFM camera

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