LensAFM — AFM for optical microscopes

Flex-ANA — AFM for force mapping

Extend the resolution of your upright microscope or 3D profilometer

The Nanosurf LensAFM is an atomic force microscope that can be used as a normal objective lens on almost any optical microscope or profilometer. It greatly extends the resolution and measuring capabilities of these instruments. The LensAFM not only provides 3D surface topography information, but can be used to analyze various physical properties of a measurement sample as well.


 Key features and benefits

Mounts on virtually every upright optical microscope or 3D optical profilometer
Integrated motor for automated cantilever approach and engage
Standard and extended AFM modes available through a modular controller




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Combining optical and AFM analysis
Extending the resolution of optical systems into the nanometer range
High-resolution defect analysis
Analysis where optical analysis fails
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Advanced C3000 measurement modes



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User feedback

  • Dr. Paul S. Keatley

    Dr. Paul S. Keatley

    The unique combination of compact design, optical access, and intuitive operation of the LensAFM made it the perfect platform for our instrument development

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