CX Control Software

Perform your AFM measurements with efficiency and ease with Nanosurf's CX control software.   We regularly publish updated versions, which you can download for free. You can install the software on as many computers as you wish.

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Free Lifetime Updates

All software updates for Nanosurf control software are free of charge. Our software team is constantly working on new features and improvements to make the user experience better, more intuitive and more efficient.


Automatic/parameter-free frequency tuning based on cantilever characteristics

Simply choose the cantilever you are using, and the system automatically performs the frequency sweep prior to approaching the sample. No manual setting of parameters is required.

Distance measuring tools

Measure the distance between points or lines, the height of features, and other image properties.

A selection of different measuring tools allows you to accurately measure angles and distances directly on the acquired measurement image.
Determine the distance between two points or between two parallel lines to make precise measurements (as shown in the video).

Nanosurf Python Package

Learn how to take control of your Nanosurf AFM with Python scripting: The video above shows some of the most basic actions, such as changing the imaging mode, choosing the right cantilever, adjusting image parameters, and changing the PID settings. Watch how to automatically find the working frequency, approach the sample surface, start scanning, and save measurement data.

Webinar on Nanosurf's Python API

In this webinar we introduce the Nanosurf Python API and learn how to control Nanosurf instruments with it. We also briefly touch on the processing of the data, stored in NID files, and look at how to create custom user interfaces.

Additional Usability Features

  • Spectroscopy Wizard: Follow easy steps to set up spectroscopy measurements.
  • One user interface for all scan heads: No additional learning curve if you use multiple Nanosurf AFM systems.
  • Automated deflection calibration
    User interface layouts for beginners and advanced users.
  • Highly configurable graph area with mode-dependent auto-layout: The software automatically shows the relevant graphs and information.
  • Easy and powerful file handling: auto apply naming conventions, Windows Explorer integration, image gallery, and bulk renaming.

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