Nanosurf Studio

Control and Analysis Software for DriveAFM

Nanosurf is reimagining the look-and-feel of AFM control software. Nanosurf Studio offers a browser-like experience with scrollable tabs for multi-screen operation. Focusing on ease of use, it fits the needs of both novice and expert scanning probe microscopy users. Quarterly releases provide new features, improved workflows, and bugfixes.

  • Set up individual user interface layouts
    Automated AFM setup
  • ViewPort for sample navigation and measurement automation
  • Easy to learn for beginners, all the flexibility for experts
  • Instrument control is fully scriptable
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AutoAlign is taking advantage of DriveAFM’s full motorization to optimally align the beam deflection and photothermal excitation optics with a single click.
Just lean back and press play!


ViewPort provides seamless visualization and navigation across many orders of magnitude for AFM measurements, camera feeds, and any other image data. Set up measurements across multiple locations and overlay AFM and optical images in a correlative workspace.

See in this clip how several frames in the area of interest are selected, modifed and acquired on the live camera feed from the optical microscope.

Free Lifetime Updates

All software updates for Nanosurf control software are free of charge. Our software team is constantly working on new features and improvements to make the user experience better, more intuitive and more efficient.


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