Magnetization of Electrical Steel in External Magnetic Fields

The variable magnetic field sample holder (VMFSH) is an accessory for Nanosurf’s CoreAFM, FlexAFM and DriveAFM that allows AFM measurements in a variable in- or out-of-plane magnetic field. This is of particular interest in imaging magnetic samples with magnetic force microscopy (MFM).

In this application note we show that the VMFSH is a powerful tool that enables studying the effect of magnetic fields. Its design allows for a low noise operation, and stable MFM imaging (the movie was composed of ~1000 images taken with the same probe), and with no maintenance required (as opposed to electromagnets that usually require cooling systems and lose their field if unpowered). The VMFSH can be combined with Nanosurf scripting to achieve complex experiments, such as large area scanning, or custom magnetic field steps. 

Also of interest

In a recent publication researchers studied local anomalous Nernst effect using atomic force microscope where the temperature gradient was created using an AFM tip and the magnetic field was generated by a variable magnetic field sample holder. With this technique they have mapped the magnetic domains in a nanowire made of Co2MnGa.



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