Study of Magnetization in Artificial Spin Ice at Variable Magnetic Fields

Dive into the fascinating world of neuromorphic computing and discover how artificial spin ice structures are revolutionizing the way we think about computation. This application note offers an in-depth exploration of magnetization in artificial spin ice under varying magnetic fields.


Key Learnings:

  • Neuromorphic Computing: Understand the shift from traditional bi-state logic elements to hardware that mimics the brain's behavior using analog signals, offering potential for energy and time savings.

  • Artificial Spin Ice: Learn about this unique material where magnetization is patterned onto nanostructures, creating a platform that can potentially combine memory and computation.

  • Nanosurf's VMFSH: Discover how Nanosurf's variable magnetic field sample holder (VMFSH) allows for precise AFM measurements in variable magnetic fields, crucial for imaging magnetic samples.

  • Experiment with Permalloy: Delve into the study of patterned Permalloy (Ni80Fe20) and its unique Penrose pattern, which lacks translational symmetry.

  • Magnetic Field Evolution: Observe how magnetization evolves as a function of applied field, revealing insights into domain wall pinning, local energy landscapes, and the effects of lattice and field interactions.

  • Practical Implications: Understand how understanding the behavior of artificial spin ice can lead to fine-tuning lattice designs for practical applications in neuromorphic computing.

Curious to learn more? Download the full article and embark on a journey through the intricacies of magnetization in artificial spin ice.



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