Variable magnetic field generator

The variable magnetic field generator is an accessory for Nanosurf’s CoreAFM, FlexAFM and DriveAFM. The VMFSH enables AFM measurements in a variable in-plane magnetic field.

Magnetic materials have attracted great interest across the scientific community and are found in everything from everyday electronics at home to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment in hospitals. As miniaturization efforts continue, new applications are continually emerging in data storage, memory, spintronics, electronics, robotics, and biomedical devices.1 Nanoscale characterization techniques are crucial to advance the field of magnetic (nano)materials. The VMFSH combined with AFM or advanced AFM modes allows correlative measurements with a variable in-plane magnetic field to observe magnetization, conductivity, or topography changes at the nanoscale in-situ with the addition of a magnetic field up to 720 mT.



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