Nanosurf Python API and open-source tools for academia and industry

Speaker: Dr. Denis Vasyukov

In this webinar we introduce the Nanosurf Python API and learn how to control Nanosurf instruments with it.

We also briefly touch on the processing of the data, stored in NID files, and look at how to create custom user interfaces.



The flagship AFM by Nanosurf that leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Fast
  • Intuitive
  • Performance without compromise



The most flexibly configurable AFM for materials and life science research:

  • Our mid-range allround instrument
  • One of the most established AFMs available
  • Built-in upgrade path to DriveAFM



AFM for multi-user settings and sophisticated education:

  • Allround AFM with a competitive price tag
  • 33 modes and functions out of the box
  • Easiest AFM to handle with confidence