Easyscan 2 AFM end of service


The EasyScan 2 system with its compact design had been a very popular instrument until Nanosurf discontinued its production back in 2013. Now, 10 years later, we are facing more and more challenges servicing these instruments due to the lack of availability of spare parts. Nanosurf therefore decided to officially end the service for the Easyscan 2 AFM system.

Nevertheless, we strive to provide our customers with as much support as possible. You may still contact us in case of service requirements, and we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis if service of the device is still possible.

We recommend to EasyScan 2 AFM users to consider an upgrade to FlexAFM, one of the most established research AFMs available. The scan head recently received a design update that provides additional benefits:

  • Footprint now matches DriveAFM: the result is a shared accessories universe across systems. 
  • Larger number of functional accessories.
  • Improved top/side-view camera.
  • FlexAFM can be run with the high-end CX controller, bringing you improved performance.


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