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Designed for research laboratories and industry, Mountains9® provides dedicated imaging and metrology software solutions for Scanning Probe Microscopes (AFM, STM, SNOM, TERS…):

  • Get your data ready for analysis: MountainsSPIP® includes a full set of features for correcting SPM data including automatic flattening and leveling with auto-recognition of structures to ignore, lines and isolated artefacts removal etc.
  • Powerful automation features (e.g. customizable templates and macros) for demanding applications including particles & nanomechanical analysis.
  • Full traceability of data processing: analysis steps are recorded in a hierarchical analysis workflow. Analysis steps in the workflow can be fine-tuned at any time, all dependent steps are recalculated automatically.
  • State-of-the-art geometry & morphology analysis at the nanoscale - including height of grains and motifs, volume of surface structures (bumps, holes), step heights etc.
  • Combine data from multiple instruments (e.g. 3D optical profilometers, SEM or Raman) and perform correlative analysis of your materials.
  • Surface texture characterization in accordance with the latest international standards (IS0, ASME B46.1 etc.).
  • Advanced analysis tools for studying grains and particles: automatic motif detection, generation of statistics etc.
  • Force volume analysis: visualize and analyze force curves & series of force curves, calculate parameter maps & study how they correlate with topography.

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